Bobst 106-E Novacut

Year 2009
19,232 Working Hours


Producida en 2009
Instalada en 2010
19.232 horas de trabajo
10,2 millones de pliegos

Materiales procesados:
Papel 80 g/m2
Cartón max 2000 g/m2
Cartón corrugado max 4 mm

Tamaño de hoja min 350 x 400 mm / max 740 x 1060 mm
Velocidad 7.800 hojas/hora
Fuerza de corte 2.6 MN
Converting Cutting size max 725 x 1060 mm
Embossing size max 710 x 1060 mm
Gripper margin 9 to 17 mm
Height of cutting rules 23.8 mm
Pile height Feeder max 1400 (1800) mm
Feeder, with Non-Stop max 1100 (1500) mm
Delivery max 1100 (1500) mm
Dimensions Length 5.80 m Width 4.20 m Height 2.70 m
Peso neto 15 Tons

Equipada con:
C.U.B.E. System
Autoplaten concept
Double cam gripper bar advance
Quick-lock system in cutting chase
Quick-lock system in stripping station
1 Frame and Chase
2 Stripping make rady
Non Stop Feeder
Non Stop Delivery
All books, Manuals and Tools

Características especiales:
Coming from a big group
excellent maintenanced by Bobst
Maintenanced Book: Available
Samples. Available
New Chains 11/2017